Mr. Brian Past
(219) 650-5307 ext. 7569

Mr. Past joined the MHS staff in the fall of
1997 as an English teacher, as well as the boys' head soccer coach.

Since 2009, he has been an integral part of the PNN program and has helped many students achieve success in the studio.

He is a graduate of West Lafayette High School
and Purdue University.

Mr. Josh Harvoth
(219) 650-5307 ext. 7571

Mr. Harvoth joined the MHS staff in
the summer of 2010 and serves as
technology specialist and co-instructor.

Before coming to MHS, he worked for various media outlets such as The Region Sports Network, WJOB Radio and WMAQ-TV in Chicago. Currently, Mr. Harvoth handles the CTE dual-credit portion of PNN.

He is a graduate of Merrillville
High School and Columbia College Chicago.

PNN Instructors