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Watch the Graduation Live Stream Replay!

Did you miss seeing the chance to watch a loved one walk across the stage as a member of the Class of 2023?
Catch the replay of the PNN produced live stream RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Faculty Triumphs over the Class of '23


Click HERE to watch the 2023 Senior/Faculty basketball game broadcast in its entirety!


Click HERE to watch the Class of 2023
senior dodgeball tournament!

Omarion's Dream Day with the Chicago Bulls

Omarion's Dream Day.png

During spring break, PNN's Omarion Thomas received an incredible opportunity to attend a Chicago Bulls home game and learn broadcasting from some of their famed announcers.

Accompanied by Mr. Past and Mr. Harvoth, Omarion spent time with Bulls' broadcasters Chuck Swirsky and Adam Amin, who gave Omarion pointers on the art
of broadcasting basketball.


Click HERE to watch the recap segment of Omarion's visit with the Bulls!

The Tale of Two Taylors

 PNN seniors Taylor O'Hara and Taylor Washington both had big years as O'Hara represented MHS during a state educators luncheon in October and was chosen to ask a quested to Governor Holcomb and in February, Taylor Washington placed 3rd in the Drive Safe Chicago contest and even had her commercial filmed by Alan Weiss Productions from New York!

luncheon 1.jpg

Taylor O'Hara with Gov. Holcomb
and fellow MHS representatives and faculty.


Taylor Washington, her mother, Mr. Phelps and Mr. Past meet with the production team to brainstorm ideas for her Drive Safe ad.

lunheon 2.jpg

Taylor was chosen from the student congregation to ask the question for MHS.


Behind the scenes of Taylor's Drive Safe Chicago commercial shoot.

Click HERE to watch Taylor's Drive-Safe Chicago commercial.

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